How do I download the designs after I purchase them?

The designs are automaticlly added to the download section of your account.  In the confirmation email, after you purchase the design, it will include a link to the download section or you can go to "My Account" and under download you will find all the designs.

What formats does the designs come in?

The designs will come in all the format and sizes listed in the item description.

What if the item does not have a format  I need ?

If you need a different format than the ones we have listed , let us know via the contact us and we will try and get the format for you.

Do I get all the sizes and format listed in the description?

Yes, the designs will come in a zipped folder with all the listed sizes and formats.

What if I use up all of my 10 downloads?

If you use up all your downloads, let us know via the contact us page and we will refresh them for you, the download limit are in place as a anti spam measure.

Can I pay without using Paypal?

You can check out via the paypal page without using a paypal account. Just click on the  "do not have a paypal account " and it will let you check out using a debit/credit card.